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Du har ingen varer i din indkøbskurv


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Gratitude Collection 2018

Gratitude - For all the things around us.

This collection arises from sincere gratitude for all the things we love around us. Our designer Mai-britt creates her collections with gratitude in her heart. As she is designing the new styles, she recalls with appreciation, all the things in life, that we have to be grateful for. “I have realized, that the saying “what consumes your mind, controls your life”, is very true. I start my day with gratitude in my heart. A lovely feeling, from which things and thoughts begins to grow. The Gratitude collection is characterized by its thin lines and dusty colorful expressions. It is inspired by people I am grateful to have met, colors, textures and smells that calms my mind and makes me happy.” – CEO and Designer Mai-Britt Seaton.

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Syn For Sagen i Afrika

As you might already know, we collect old glasses, and make sure, that they get a new life, and brings great joy to less fortunate people, who really need them. We are very happy to tell, that we just started working with the Danish association Syn For Sagen i Afrika.Read More

Syn For Sagen i Afrika

Vi er meget glade for at kunne fortælle, at vi netop har indgået et samarbejde med den danske forening Syn For Sagen. Som du måske allerede ved, så indsamler vi også gamle briller, og sørger for, at de får et nyt liv og bringer stor lykke hos mennesker rundt om i verdenen der virkelig har brug for dem.

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Månedens Monkey'Dealer Skibhus Optik

Mød Monkey'Dealer Tina Løvdal, indehaver af Skibhus Optik. Skibhus Optik er denne måneds Monkey'Dealer, hvilket betyder at de hele marts måned, har et stort udvalg af monkeyglasses® stel i forretningen, og tilbyder muligheden for at købe et monkeyglasses® stel inklusiv glas til en rigtig god pris. Visionen hos Skibhus Optik er at skabe en butik og en unik individuel synsløsning for hver enkelt kunde samt en service helt ud over det sædvanlige. Hos Skibhus Optik er der fokus på ærlighed, troværdighed, humor og fagligheden er helt i top.Read More

Meet Monkey'dealer Tina Løvdal, owner of Skibhus Optik

Skibhus Optik is Monkey’dealer of the month. This means, that the customers will find a large selection of monkeyglasses® frames in the store, and have the possibility to buy a pair of monkeyglasses® with the lenses included in the price. The vision of Skibhus Optik is to create unique and individual solutions for every client, to make the customer experience extraordinary, and meet the customers with honesty, trustworthiness, great humor and a high level om professionalism.

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TRUST 2018-1 - New Sustainable Collection From MonkeyGlasses

TRUST 2018-1

All it takes, is a little trust.

Trust that your actions does matter. Trust that when you choose to buy sustainable products, it isn’t just a drop of water in the ocean, but that your choices makes a difference. Trust that together, we are able to change the way we consume. Trust that together we can make sure, that the planet we leave for our children is in good shape.

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New 100 % Recycled Black Material

We love zero waste! Which is why we have added a series of black styles to our collection, which are made from 100 % recycled cotton acetate.This black acetate is completely obtained from waste material from the production.
“Look good while doing good”

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The Balance collection is a tribute to those precious moments in life, when everything comes together in perfect balance. The softness of the cotton fibers and the coldness of the metal – a magical feeling of perfect balance.

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MonkeyGlasses Reseller De Oogkas

We LOVE our many re-sellers, and we love to see how they all do such a great job decorating their stores, and providing great service for their customers. Let’s tell you a little more about one of our Monkey’Dealers, the Dutch optician De Oogkas, that has a beautiful environmental way of thinking and running their store.

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Nordic Sky behind the scenes

A little sneak peak from the shooting of our new monkeyglasses® campaignvideo Nordic Sky.
The filming took place at Amager Beach Park, Copenhagen.

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