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MonkeyGlasses® Eyewear Polish Kit

Who doesn't love the feeling of nice clean glasses?

We strive to make our products long lasting, as our "throwaway" culture is very hard on the environment.

With our polish kit, we aim to help the consumers take good care of their glasses, and prolong the feeling of new glasses.

The polish kit contain:

-  Organic monkeyglasses® eyewear shampoo with the smell of quince, 30 ml.

-  Polish cloth made from recycled plastic bottles.

- Wooden brush with soft goat hair.

Easy to use!
Gently clean the whole frame in the exact same way, you would hand wash your dishes.

We have developed an organic shampoo from natural ingredients to be used with water, and the soft brush.
After the bath, the glasses should be dried with with the enclosed soft polish cloth.

Instructions on how to use our eyewear polish kit can be read on the shampoo bottles label or you can watch our step by step video guide on how to wash you glasses. Watch here!

Eyewear polish kit click to view

The eyewear polish kit contains a 30 ml. bottle of organic eyewear shampoo with the smell of quince, a wooden handmade washing brush with goat hair and a big polish cloth to dry your glasses with afterwards.