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A warm welcome to Cinta

Meet Cinta our newest member of the monkeyglasses® family.

Our designer Mai-Britt’s adoptive orangutan Nita, has recently gone to the Island University, where she must learn to live without humans, along with her fellow orangutans. We are so happy that she is doing well, and that she will begin her journey back to the wild forest soon.

Before an orangutan can pass the Forest School examination, it must be able to build nests, find food in the forest, and identify natural enemies. It must of course also be adept at climbing the 15-20 metre high trees. When the orangutans master these skills, they have passed the exam and can move on to Island University.

Since Nita has taken on new adventures, we would like to introduce you to Cinta, the newest member of the monkeyglasses® family. Her name is pronounced "Chinta" and means 'LOVE' in Indonesian. She is four years old, and she recently moved up to Forest School. Cinta was found three years ago left in a roadside, but today, she is one of the most curious and happy orangutans at the center.
We look forward to following her journey back into the wild, where she belongs.

Read more about Save The Orangutan and the amazing work they do here...

Cinta 4 years old
This is Cinta, our newest monkeyglasses® family member.